Window cleaning services

We have several methods we use when it comes to providing a high-quality commercial window cleaning service.

All our window cleaning methods ensure the health and safety of our staff and our clients are always our priority. We utilize all kinds of access platforms when necessary when our pole system is not suitable. 

Reach & Wash - Pure Water System

This is a method where we use a purified water system independent of any water source, for our window cleaning. This is the safest method of our window cleaning. The poles are fibreglass, which is light and easy to operate. With this method, we can reach up to 60ft high (6th Floor) from ground level. The water is pure water which cleans windows leaving it spotless and streak-free.

MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

This method is mostly used on our builders clean where there are stickers or other impurities present on the window. This makes it difficult to clean the window with the reach and wash system. With the elevation, our operatives can reach the window and physically attend to each individual window. We also use this method on mostly high rise buildings or when access is restricted.

Abseiling or Roping

This method is usually used when the first two methods are less favourable. We work with professional experts who specialize in ensuring the safeguards are in place before we undertake work using this method. This method allows us to clean high access windows with restricted access. 


Although this is not our first choice when it comes to window cleaning. It still plays an important role in providing temporary access especially in confined spaces with obstructions.

Clean360 Environmental obligation

Our pure water system does not require the use of detergents or chemical. 

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