Washroom Cleaning Services

A well cleaned and maintain washroom will help to reduce the spread of Germs and promote a good hygienic environment. Daily cleaning and removal of surface dirt should form part of an integral routine cleaning programme for every washroom. 
However, a periodic washroom deep cleaning will ensure a total effective hygiene environment for your premises and also your visitors and staff.
Clean360 offers a bespoke washroom hygiene deep cleaning programme which ensures your washroom is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All sanitary ware is cleaned with specialist cleaning chemicals, ensuring all dirt and grime that harbours bacteria is removed.

Our specialist washroom cleaning services include;

•    Deep cleaning of Walls, Floors, and Ceiling
•    Deep cleaning of all fixture such as; lighting, Air vent, Hand dryer, Sanitary unit etc
•    Deep cleaning of urinals, sink, toilet bowl and all plumbing pipes.
•    Sanitizing of all surface area

The Benefit of Our Deep Cleaning Service;

•Removes ingrained harmful bacteria eliminating unpleasant odours
•Prolongs the life of washroom amenities and pipework
•Improves cosmetic appearance
•Reduces the risk of infection
•Improved level of hygiene


Please contact us on 01234 982995 for information relating any Washroom Cleaning enquiry or email us at bedford@clean360.uk.com

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