Sanitary Bin Services


Clean360 Hygiene provides a comprehensive Washroom Sanitary Bin Service in Bedford and the surrounding area.

Clean360 Hygiene is part of Clean360 which specializes in washroom hygiene services and equipment rental. Our services are provided for many types of businesses, including hospitality, educational, Care facilities. We can also provide service for multi-national organizations.
Our Hygiene Rental service comes with full installation, maintenance, and servicing. Through our affiliate network, we can offer an annual Rental Contract which includes a monthly sanitary bins collection, sanitary waste disposal, and feminine hygiene bins support. We also provide a Duty Of Care Certificate.


Clean360 Hygiene additional washroom supplies

  • Sanitary Waste Disposal.
  • Washroom Vending Machines
  • Baby Care Services
  • Nappy disposal units
  • Baby Changer
  • Urinal and Toilet Sanitisers
  • Soap and Air Fresheners
  • Soap Systems.
  • Air Fresheners
  • Hand Dryers

Clean360 Hygiene provides washroom service across the UK. 

For further information relating to our Sanitary Bin Service. Please Contact us now 24/7 on 0330 094 3330

Sanitary Bin Services

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