Jet Washing Cleaning Service

Clean360 has round the clock team ready to tackle any pressure washing cleaning requirement. We use HOT, COLD or STEAM cleaning equipment depending on the job requirement. We provide a perfect solution for all interior and exterior jet washing needs.  

Graffiti Removal

Clean360 specialist has developed a wide range of innovative graffiti removal solution which does not only remove graffiti on walls and surfaces but also a preventative way of ensuring future graffiti is not offensive.

We have 2 methods we use in any graffiti treatment.

Removal of Graffiti: Depending on the surface type and location. We use either a blasting process or application of eco-friendly graffiti removal solution to successfully remove graffiti from either a brick wall or any surfaces. 

Preventive Treatment: This is a method where we apply Anti- Graffiti Coating, which helps to remove with ease any future incidence as the graffiti will be placed on the treatment coat rather on the intended surface. 

Cladding Cleaning: 

Our team of professionals will be on-site to advise you on the best method suitable for your job depending on the type of cladding. 

We also provide cleaning services for;

Driveways, Brickwork, Stone, Concrete and various other materials.

Please contact us on 01234 982995 for information relating any Jet washing enquiry or email us on

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