Hard Floor Care and Maintenance

Floor cleanliness and maintenance is very important in reflecting a positive image of a company. A dull and dirty flooring will send a negative message to your customers. 
Clean360 provides specialist and bespoke cleaning services for both interiors and exteriors flooring of your business premises.
Our team of experts, with extensive knowledge of flooring care and maintenance, will take you through the best care and maintenance program most suitable for your particular type of flooring.

We understand there are different types of flooring from;

•    Cork Flooring
•    Laminate Flooring
•    Linoleum Flooring
•    Stone Flooring
•    Tile Flooring 
•    Vinyl Flooring
•    Wood Flooring

Effective floor cleaning and restoration is not as simple as using a mop, bucket or vacuum cleaner. Each flooring type needs to be carefully treated with the correct cleaning agents and methods. Over time a simple vacuum and mop cleaning become ineffective.

Clean360 technician has extensive knowledge of cleaning and restoring any floor type. 

Some of our method application includes;

•    Strip and Seal 
•    Mechanical high/ low-speed floor buffering
•    Floor polishing 

Our floor cleaning and restoration technicians are highly skilled, using only the best electrical equipment and products. 
Our team of expert technicians work to the highest standards on a variety of flooring types, so no matter what flooring needs to be cleaned, you’ll be delighted with the finish.

Please contact us on 01234 982995 for information relating any floor Cleaning enquiry or email us at bedford@clean360.uk.com

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