Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Safe waste disposal solution

Grease traps are a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen or food processing plant, helping to ensure harmful greases, fats and oils are captured and prevented from entering the drainage system where they could cause potentially damaging blockages.
Grease can build up very quickly inside grease traps making them ineffective. The accumulation of the grease can also make it very difficult to dispose of and become a source of unpleasant odours.
Waste from grease traps is classified as controlled waste. The Environment Agency or an Environmental Health Officer is required to see evidence that regular cleaning of the grease trap has been performed and any waste that has been removed is disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

The regular cleaning and the safe disposal of grease trap waste should be managed in an environmentally friendly manner.


Why Use Our Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Clean360 specialists team use advanced processes to clean your kitchen grease traps thoroughly and efficiently whilst ensuring harmful waste is removed safely and with minimal disruption to your business.
We are fully registered and certified with a waste carrier license.

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