Carpet Cleaning Services

A cleaned and well-maintained carpet flooring will not only prolong the life of the carpet but will leave a positive image of the business. 
Clean360 expert knowledge of carpet material ensures we are able to employ the right suitable cleaning application for your carpet type which could be; Woven, Needlefelt, Knotted or Tufted. 
Whether you are a hotel, pub, club, care home, school, church, shop, restaurant or office, we can help you maintain clean and healthy carpets and upholstery and ensure you provide a healthy and fresh environment for your customers and staff.

Clean360 has developed effective professional carpet cleaning method; 

1) Survey - Our carpet expert will visit your site for a survey. The inspection will assist us in identifying the type of carpet, depth of soilage and allows us to employ the best cleaning method.

2) Patch Test (Dye Test) - Before any cleaning commences, we will conduct a PH test on the carpet to make sure there are no colour fastness issues. 

3) Burn Test - Synthetic fabric can easily be clean whereas natural material will require special attention. We use this test to choose the best method for your carpet.

4) Comb Pile (Preparation) - Preparation before cleaning largely determines its success and yet it is often dismissed by many professionals as unnecessary.
Prior to power vacuuming, the pile is reversed to release matted fibres for more effective cleaning

5) Effective Vacuuming - A vital element in our Carpet Cleaning. We use an upright twin motor vacuum cleaner to agitates pile, removes dry soilage and loosen soiling. Tub Vacuums are not as effective, unless fitted with a turbo brush attachment.

6) Pre- Spot Treatment - This method enables us to identify and treat spot stains or pay more attention to high traffic area like the main door entrance.

7) Spray Treatment-The most technically difficult area of carpet and upholstery cleaning is the correct selection and application of pre-treatment chemicals.
Pre-Spraying is the application of chemicals that actually break down the dirt and hold it in liquid form until the extraction machine removes it.

8) Deep Machine Clean:
Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a very effective method of deep cleaning. A cleaning compound containing absorbent particles and emulsifiers e.g. HOST is brushed into the pile where it absorbs the soilage and is then extracted. The process minimizes disruption as it requires no drying time and enables carpets to return to use immediately. Enables carpets to be cleaned as often as required without damage or rapid resoiling.
Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning involves loosening soilage from the pile and extracting the soil suspended in liquid by suction. Machines for commercial cleaning must be capable of producing at least 100lbs per sq. inch pressure with a dual vacuum extraction system to enable maximum liquid recovery. On synthetic pile carpets, we use a machine with a heater to enable the cleaning solution to be heated to a suitable temperature.

9) Hand Clean - Finally, all inaccessible area will be reached and cleaned once again with a hand brush or upholstery suction hand cleaner.

10) Pile Redress - We will reset the carpet using comb pile brush. 


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